Happy New Year of the Rabbit!
22 January 2023
Happy New Year of the Rabbit!  This year is symbolized by the gentle and kind...
Teochew Foodie Crispy Chili in a Metro near you!
08 January 2023
Exciting news for Crispy Chili Oil lovers! We have succeeded in entering Metro grocery stores...
Char Kway Teow
13 November 2022
Today we want to share with you an amazing Teochew dish that is perhaps one...
Closing of St-Henri – Memories, and thanks
22 October 2022
I still remember clearly our opening day in St-Henri, Friday November 20th 2020. We had...
Wonton Soup – Anytime, anywhere and at any age
09 October 2022
Wonton soup is one of those meals that follows you from childhood to adulthood and...
New Website, Same Good Food… and a Blog!
03 October 2022
What is our goal with this blog? Talk about Teochew Cuisine, Eating Healthy & Delicious and running a local business in Montreal!