Making Dim Sum at Home from A-Z: A Delicious Journey with Teochew Foodie

Making Dim Sum at Home from A-Z: A Delicious Journey with Teochew Foodie

Aug 21, 2023Alexandre Rougerie-Durocher

Dim sum, a culinary gem from Canton province where the Teochew region, has been savored by families across southeast China for generations. Although it is more a Cantonese than a typical Teochew tradition, Dim Sum is very popular within the Teochew region and some notable local particularities have developped over the years. It is our pleasure to share the tradition of Dim Sum with Montrealers of all origins. It is very easy to prepare at home with the frozen products we offer at our store (and even easier if you have a Steamer Basket!)

Here’s a step-by-step guide to preparing authentic dim sum at home.

Preparing Your Kitchen

Before you begin, ensure you have the following:

  • Steamer: A bamboo steamer is the most traditional, but a metal-bain marie work just as well.
  • Teochew Foodie's frozen dim sum: Choose from our vast array of options like Giang Shrimp Dumplings, Xiao Long Bao, or the delightful Pearl Balls.
  • Water: For steaming.
  • Sauce of your choice: Soy sauce, vinegar, and Teochew Foodie's specialty sauces: To elevate the flavors.

Steam & Serve!

Steaming: Fill your steamer pot with water and bring it to a boil. Line your bamboo steamer with our reusable flexible silicone  steamer mats or parchemin paper to prevent sticking. Place the dim sum pieces ensuring they don’t touch. Cover and steam for the amount of minutes needed, as written on the product's packaging. It will be ready to serve by the end of the cooking time.

Pairing with Tea

No dim sum experience is complete without a warm cup of tea. Try some Teochew Phoenix Tea or other varieties of chinese tea. These teas complement the flavors and aid digestion.

A social experience

Turn your dim sum preparation into a delightful family brunch or event with friends. Have everyone participate – from setting the table to serving. Dim Sum is not just about food, it's also about sharing, bonding, and creating memories.


For a visual guide, check out our Dim Sum video on Youtube!

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