About us

Teochew Food Culture

Teochew (also known as Chaozhou) is a region in south-eastern China inside the province of Canton (Guangdong). It has a very rich food culture dating back hundreds if not thousands of years.

Teochew cuisine is known for its balanced seasoning that aims to bring out the original flavor of the ingredients. For this reason, Teochew people put great importance in the quality and freshness of the ingredients.

Teochew Foodie's goal is to share this food culture to the Quebec market by preparing delicious authentic recipes and making them accessible and affordable. This is achieved by sourcing from local ingredients as much as possible and offering the food frozen with multiple pick-up points, making it easy and convenient for all chinese food lovers of the region.

Our Story

Teochew Foodie is a family owned business launched in early 2020. The idea came to us after Ying and Qiusheng (parents) had started selling frozen wontons to friends and family as a hobby following their recent immigration to Canada.

After a very warm reception, we decided to increase our target audience and see if Montrealers in general were interested in handmade Teochew food. We started selling to some social media followers and next thing we knew, we were opening our first Teochew Foodie store in St-Henri.

2 years later, we have moved to a storefront on St-Denis and produce many different kinds of Teochew specialties (Rice Noodle Rolls, Braised Meats, Salads and more!). Our products are sold in multiple different partner establishments and some restaurants have started sourcing their wontons from us. Our signature Teochew Crispy Chili Oil is now sold in 30 establishments including more than 20 metro grocery stores on Montreal Island.

We are extremly grateful to the local community and everyone who has helped us on the way. In return, we intend to continue producing delicious healthy food that you can easily prepare in the comfort of your own home.


Maggie (Google Reviewer)

"Amazing freshly made wontons. Lots of different flavours and dipping sauces! The meat and shrimps rolls are sooo good. I recommend 100%. Best wontons in Montreal!"

Robert (Google Local Guide)

"We tried some frozen wontons and got a bundle of dipping sauces and made everything at home. Super easy and delicious."

Christina (Google Local Guide)

"We stocked up on wontons, siu mai, sesame balls, rice noodles and a really interesting meatball rolled in sticky rice. Teochew did not disappoint!"

Zoe Chen (Google Local Guide)

"One of the most authentic Chinese food place in Canada. The wontons arespectacular. Braised duck is as good as those in China. Will definitely goback again & again."

Melanie (Google Reviewer)

"Yummy food and amazing service! Assortment of frozen prepared foods to make a home, easy and delicious :) staff was so nice and welcoming!"

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