A Taste of Home: Introducing Our New 'Teochew Fried Ice'

A Taste of Home: Introducing Our New 'Teochew Fried Ice'

Jun 04, 2023Alexandre Rougerie-Durocher

Hello, dear Foodies!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of a new product that is very close to our hearts at Teochew Foodie - the 'Teochew Fried Ice'. This unique, healthy, and cold dessert is a delightful treat that we are excited to share with you this summer.

Growing up in the city of Teochew, we would often go out to get this fresh dessert as it stood out for its unique taste and the joy it brought during the hot summer months. This dessert is not just a treat to our taste buds, but it is also a symbol of my childhood, a memory of the laughter and joy shared with friends and family sharing a bowl of fried ice.

Teochew Fried Ice is a special dessert, probably unlike anything you've tasted before. It's a blend of traditional Teochew flavors, combined with a unique preparation method that results in a dessert that is a sensory delight because it is refreshing and also a texture symphony (those who've tried will understand 😉). And the best part? It's a healthier option compared to many other desserts, allowing you to indulge without the guilt and the 'down' feeling felt after eating too many sweets.

We've spent countless hours perfecting the recipe, ensuring that we capture the authentic taste of this beloved dessert. We've sourced the best ingredients, to ensure that each bite takes you on a journey as if you were in Teochew.

Launching the Teochew Fried Ice is not just about introducing a new product. It's about sharing a piece of our heritage, a taste of our home, with you. We hope that this dessert brings you as much joy as it brings us (we never miss a chance to have one😅)

So, come on in and cool off this summer with our Teochew Fried Ice. We can't wait for you to try it and share in the memories it evokes.

Love food, love life, and eat well every single day with Teochew Foodie!

See you soon,

Chanel Dai

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