Closing of St-Henri – Memories, and thanks

Closing of St-Henri – Memories, and thanks

Oct 22, 2022Alexandre Rougerie-Durocher

I still remember clearly our opening day in St-Henri, Friday November 20th 2020. We had no experience in building an official store and worked so hard setting up everything. We had worked until the very last minute the night before and got up early on that day to make sure everything was perfect for the first customers! Although we were exhausted, it was blissful and happy day as we were greeted with so much love and excitement from the local neighborhood and customers from further away who came to see us.

So many other memorable events occurred over the 2 years, and we are very fond of the time we spent there. Thanks to everyone who showed up and supported us in our slightly remote and small location, we were slowly able to gain the confidence and the experience to get where we are now. We think it was an idea place to start and we send all our positive energy to the next entrepreneurs who will take the location to launch their own idea!

With love,

The Teochew Foodie Team

Update: Unfortunately the pick-up point at Marché Long Vert will not be happening. We are working on an alternative solution and will keep you updated.

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